Wrigley Building Sold to Groupon Execs

News broke earlier this week that the Wrigley Building to a group of investors led by BDT Capital Partners. BDT Capital Partners is comprised of members of the Zeller Realty Group, including Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell, two of the three co-founders of Chicago’s very own multi-billion dollar tech company, Groupon.

According to a press release related to the sale, the chief investment officer for BDT Capital Partners, Byron D Trott, said this about the sale:

“The Wrigley Building is an iconic Chicago asset in a premier Chicago location on Michigan Avenue and is a meaningful symbol of the city’s rich history and growth. We are committed to the success and re-development of this architectural treasure to ensure that it remains a vital part of Chicago’s future economic progress. Consistent with the business model of BDT Capital Partners, we are partnering with other family business and entrepreneurial leaders to preserve the long-term legacy of the Wrigley Building.”

And Reuben Gamoran, the Chief Financial Officer of the Wrigley Building, expressed a similar sentiment:

“It has been our commitment to secure new ownership for the Wrigley Building that will ensure its best possible future use and protect the building’s historic legacy. We are confident that we have found a new owner who shares that commitment and will ensure the Wrigley Building remains a dynamic part of Michigan Avenue while preserving its unique architecture and historic name.”

Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell also seem intent on maintaining the integrity of the historic building. The Groupon execs hope to see the building granted landmark status in the coming months, and they intend to remodel it without altering its historical character.

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