Who Will be the next Chicago Housing Authority Chief?


According to The Chicago Tribune, “Mayor Rahm Emanuel is down to two candidates for the top post at the Chicago Housing Authority, a job whose chief concern will be dealing with a stubbornly anemic real estate market that has hampered efforts to create vibrant mixed-income developments where crime-ridden high-rises once stood.”

“Those developments are the linchpin in the CHA’s $1.6 billion Plan for Transformation, launched in 1999 and now expected to be completed by 2015, five years past the original target date.”


Earlier this year, the former Chicago Housing Authority, Chief Lewis Jordan was forced to resign when a controversy arose over his use of his agency credit card. Shortly afterward, Emanuel offered Chicagoans a list of four potential replacements, and that list has since dwindled to two exceptionally qualified candidates (though he refuses to acknowledge who those candidates are).

Regardless of who Emanuel ultimately selects to helm the Chicago Housing Authority, we can safely assume that the next chief will do his or her best to help encouraged real estate growth in Chicago.

In the past, the Chicago Housing Authority has been particularly interested in improving mixed-income developments, and in all likelihood, the Authority will continue its endeavors to improve the quality of life in these mixed income neighborhoods.

The Authority has also focused on attracting middle-class couples and families to Chicago’s various neighborhoods, and it will likely continue to focus on this crucial demographic in the future.

According to the Chicago Housing Authority Chairman, “One of the big issues in public housing has always been that it’s just a concentration of poor folks, and what kind of models are the young people seeing? As they’re in (the mixed-income developments) and they see people getting up and going to work and they see people pursuing a career, they see people pursuing goals, that’s a vision that sticks and stays with them.”

We can only hope that the next Housing Authority chief will be more successful than his predecessor!

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