Walmart Slated to Set up Shop in Lakeview and Logan Square

Many Chicagoans were disappointed to learn that the retail giant Walmart hopes to set up shop in Lakeview later this year.

For several months concerned citizens and neighborhood activists have been protesting the construction of a Lakeview Walmart, but to no avail. The retail chain announced in a public meeting last month that it intends to move forward with its plans to build a small store near the Lakeview/Lincoln Park border.

In spite of this unfortunate announcement, many of the activists remain undeterred. In fact, they have chosen to look upon this temporary setback as an incentive to redouble their efforts to prevent Walmart from embarking on any more construction projects in Chicago.

Facebook groups like this one have sprung up in recent weeks, and the residents of Logan Square—working in tandem with the residents of several other Chicago neighborhoods—have been working tirelessly to see to it that Walmart’s next construction project in The Windy City meets with more resistance.

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