Visit Chicago’s Many Neighborhoods During the Summer Festival Season

Most people don’t associate Chicago’s summer festival season with the city’s real estate market, but that’s a shame, because there’s no better time to get a true sense of each of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

West Town’s Green Music Festival and Wicker Park’s Wicker Park Fest are two of many such summer festivals. These festivals, and many others, offer those interested in purchasing a new apartment or condo a wonderful opportunity to wander around a neighborhood, mixing and mingling with its more permanent residents.

Walking around a neighborhood during a summer festival allows a potential property buyer the chance to get a true sense of the neighborhood he or she is interested in moving to. It also allows buyers to meet many of their potential neighbors and visit many of the restaurants and boutiques in the area.

So, the next time you consider taking a day off to scout out new apartments or condos, consider planning that time off to coincide with one of the many neighborhood festivals taking place in Chicago this summer!

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