Vintage store Decollage moves into Near West Side

The Near West side is home to trendy restaurants and shops.

While the West Loop corridor is increasingly becoming known as home to some of the best Chicago restaurants, that’s not stopping some fashionable storefronts from moving in. Decollage opened at 1219 W. Madison in March 2011, and it’s fitting right into the neighborhood. Midwest native Kelsey Tanner-O’Connor is selling both couture and vintage fashion, which she has found at auctions as well as estate sales, from a variety of 1900s decades.

Despite the vintage items, this isn’t your typical vintage store. Rather, it’s a bit more high-fashion with 1920s Vogue magazine covers decorating the walls.

Yet, what you see on the selling floor isn’t everything up for sale. Tanner-O’Connor and her husband own the building, and have another 20,000 feet of space full of other clothing treasures and gems.

That amount of space isn’t uncommon in the West Loop or the Near West Side. As the area continues to grow and become even more trendy, vacant buildings are quickly becoming renovated. Call it a bit of modern vintage charm on the West side.

Photo source: Chicago CondoDomain

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