Trump Tower Towers over River North

The Trump Tower and its hotel, in River North, has received a lot of media attention recently.

Last year, the Trump hotel was named the best large hotel in America by Travel+Leisure Magazine. And this year, the hotel has continued to rake in a steady stream of revenue, despite the fact that most of the hotels in the Loop and the Near North have been struggling mightily.

On top of all that, the Trump Tower and its hotel seem to be having an overwhelmingly positive influence on the rest of the River North neighborhood.

One of the managers of the hotel, Colm O’Callaghan, has this to say about the impact the building has had on the devlopment of River North:

“Five, ten years ago, there really wasn’t a whole lot of activity around here. This is a vibrant community now. The investment that Mr. Trump made here – I mean, this is a significant investment, in terms of financial investment and the amount of people that are employed in this building – over 700 people working here right now. This really has become an economic engine that drives a lot of activity in this community. And I think what it also says, is it’s safe to make a major investment in this part of town, and it’s going to thrive.”

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