Trump Tower Plaza Getting A Landscaping Trim

Last year the landscape architect Peter Schaudt delighted the denizens of Chicago by creating—at the request of Donald Trump himself—a lush green space around the Trump Tower.

Countless Chicagoans, passing by the Trump Tower Plaza on their way to and from work each day,  enjoyed the bright flowers and trees of the Trump Tower Plaza. In fact, the green space quickly became something of a public park—an oasis of greenery in downtown Chicago appreciated by locals and tourists alike.

But that green space is gone now. “The Donald” had it torn down last week, and has opted to replace it with a more streamlined, more minimal landscape design, created by landscape architect Daniel Weinbach. Representatives of Trump Tower insist that they chose to replace Schaudt’s design because they felt that the property was in need of a little change, but they did admit that this new design will save them a considerable amount of money in grooming and watering. The Trump Tower remains a hot property in River North for investors, fill time residence seekers and the lucky buyer who wants to indulge in a second home in the city.

It remains to be seen if the residents of Chicago will respond as favorably to this new design as they did to Schaudt’s lush greenery. What do you think of the coming changes?

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