The Undisputed Right to Own a Wright

Every art and architecture enthusiast admires the work of the renowned Midwestern master of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright. And many of these architecture enthusiasts dream of one day owning a Wright-built home of their own. If only they could save up the vast sums of money needed to afford such a masterpiece, they imagine, they would buy one of Wright’s iconic homes as soon as they could.

But, according to Janet Halstead, the director of the Chicago-based Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, owning one of these home requires less money down front than most people imagine. Don’t forget that if you buy through CondoDomain, you’ll get 20% cash back, saving you thousands more on commission.

Many Wright-built homes are offered at prices reasonably enough to appeal to the solidly middle-class residents of Chicago and its surrounding areas. And the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy is often willing to help buyers find the listings of Wright’s most reasonably priced homes.

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