The Poetry Foundation Finds a New Home in Streeterville

The celebrated Chicago architect, John Ronan, has recently finished constructing a building for The Poetry Foundation, located at the intersection of Dearborn and Superior.

The Poetry Foundation hired Ronan to design and build the new building in 2007 to work on the Foundation’s 22,000-square-foot administrative and performance space.

The building, which opened only a few weeks ago, is one of only three in the country dedicated solely to the appreciation of poetry.

“There aren’t buildings designed directly for poetry,” Ronan acknowledged, when asked about his creative process. “So the fun of it is, it’s more about questions than answers: What is a building for poetry?”

Ultimately, Ronan hopes that the building will evoke “poetic qualities, like subtlety. It’s not giving it all away in one shot—which has become de rigueur in architecture now, [where] it’s so about getting in design magazines and having this photogenic icon.”

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