The Neighborhood Files: River North

Chicago is, perhaps more than most cities, a city of neighborhoods. From the broad boulevards of Lincoln Park to the arty avenues of Pilsen, each and every neighborhood in this city possesses its own distinct energy and unique charm.

Each neighborhood is worth learning a little more about. So, every other week, we’ll be featuring another neighborhood on this section of the blog, and we’ll interview someone living in that neighborhood—Someone capable of giving us the inside scoop on their ‘hood!

This week CondoDomain sat down with Adam Lee and talked to him about his experience living in Chicago’s River North neighborhood

How long have you been living in River North?

I’ve been living here for five and a half years.

Do you own or rent?

I rent, but I’ve started to look into buying a house of my own. I’ve been saving up money, and if I can continue saving as much as I am now, I should be able to buy a place of my own in two or three years.

Why did you decide to settle down in River North?

The location is unbeatable. I’m minutes away from the loop, and I’m near several train stations. I don’t own a car, so easy El access is definitely an important factor for me to consider whenever I think about moving somewhere new.

What do you like most about River North?

I love the many restaurants, stores, and art galleries located in the neighborhood. River North has a lot of culture and a good amount of nightlife.

Would you consider renting in River North again?

Absolutely. I hope to continue living here until I do decide to buy a place of my own. I love the neighborhood!

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