The Neighborhood Files: Andersonville

Chicago is, perhaps more than most cities, a city of neighborhoods. From the broad boulevards of Lincoln Park to the arty avenues of Pilsen, each and every neighborhood in this city possesses its own distinct energy and unique charm. And each neighborhood is worth learning a little more about. So, every other week, we’ll be featuring another neighborhood on this section of the blog, and we’ll interview someone living in that neighborhood—Someone capable of giving us the inside scoop on their ‘hood!

This week CondoDomain sat down with Sam Coulter and talked to him about his experience living in the Chicago neighborhood of Andersonville.

How long have you been living in Andersonville?
Actually, I’ve only been living here for four months so far. But I used to visit all the time before I moved here.

How do you like the neighborhood so far?
I love it!

What do you like most about the neighborhood?
I really like the sense of culture that permeates the neighborhood. The Neo-Futurarium is just down the street from where I live—I see shows there whenever I can.

I also like how welcoming everyone has been. I’m starting to feel like I’m part of a real community, and I genuinely believe that most of my neighbors are interested in maintaining Andersonville’s character and charm.

What do you think distinguishes Andersonville from other Chicago neighborhoods?
Personally, I believe that Andersonville is just as quirky and cultured as neighborhoods like Wicker Park or East Pilsen. But it’s a little more grownup than either of those neighborhoods. I see families and older couples all the time, and I like that. I think the neighborhood feels more grounded because they’re there.

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