Sustainable and Affordable: The Urban-C3Project

If you’re interested in affordable, sustainable design you may have already heard of Square Root Architecture + Design’s Urban-C3 project. If that’s the case, you already know that—according to the Square Root Architecture + Design website—the C3 project is “the first in an innovative line of green housing.” But you may not be familiar with some of the particulars of the project.

I sat down with Jeff Summers, a member of the C3 design team, the other day to learn a little more about those particulars.

Can you give me an overview of the Urban C3 project, in your own words?

“I’ve been working on the project for three and a half years,” Summers notes. “It’s changed a lot in that time, but essentially, it is—and it has always been—a project designed to combine affordability and efficiency in home design.”

On your website, you refer to the Urban C3 as a “prefab project.” Can you describe to our readers what prefab, or prefabricated, means in this context?

“The term ‘prefab’ essentially refers to anything that has been constructed offsite. So a modular prefab, in this context, might be a building built from multiple 3D components, or modules. And those components were constructed—very quickly and efficiently—offsite.”

What measures have you taken to make the Urban C3 more sustainable than the average home?

“Well, we’ve really focused on building a high-performance, low-maintenance home for our customers. Every C3 home has great insulation, good windows, high efficiency furnaces, and a variety of other features designed to cut down on energy consumption and improve efficiency. All in all, each C3 design exceeds sustainability standards by 50%.”

And you’ve managed to improve the sustainability of your home without sacrificing its affordability?

Definitely. We’ve installed a variety of products and appliances designed to cut down on the cost of utilities and maintenance for our customers. And we’ve done what we can to avoid using prohibitively expensive materials. We want the C3 project to appeal to young couples and empty nesters alike. We want it to appeal to everyone, really, and we want it to be affordable too.

For more information about the Urban C3 project, check out Square Root Architecture + Design’s website here. And for more information about other green housing initiatives, check out this CondoDomain article here.

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