Suburbanites Say No to Oak Park Skyscraper

Oak Park, the Chicago suburb that is well known amongst Chicagoans for its abundance of Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings, has been receiving a lot of attention lately for another reason entirely.

The Chicago-based development firm, Sertus Capital Partners, has recently announced its intention to build a 20-story glass and steel skyscraper in Oak Park. The building, if it is built according to the design presented by Sertus Capital Partners, will become the tallest in Oak Park.

But many residents of the suburb believe that the building would negatively impact economic development in Oak Park. And many more of them believe that the building would be a bit of an eye sore—it would, after all, dominate the surrounding landscape, and it would probably look out of place in a small, sleepy suburb like Oak Park.

What’s more, some residents say that it would also look out of place, when juxtaposed with the Wright-designed buildings that currently contribute to Oak Park’s status as a desirable place to live.

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