Rahm Teams up with Walgreens to Improve Living Conditions in Chicago Neighborhoods

It’s no secret that many of Chicago’s neighborhoods are struggling to recover from the economic downturn of 2008. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been doing his best to facilitate this recovery process, but many of Chicago’s poorer neighborhoods remain unaffected by his policy changes and public incentives.

Until now, that is.

Emanuel has teamed up with the Chicago-based drug store chain Walgreens to encourage economic growth in some of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods. Emanuel is currently working with the executives of Walgreens improve the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Walgreens stores located in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

“It is unacceptable that 450,000 Chicagoans do not have access to healthy, fresh foods for their families and I am committed to eliminating food deserts in our city,” Emanuel says.

The mayor hopes that by improving access to high-quality, affordable food in some of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods, the residents of these neighborhoods will be able to dramatically improve their quality of life. This would, in turn, stimulate the economy in these neighborhoods.

Further down the road, this development might even stimulate increased real estate activity and higher property values in these neighborhoods, especially if it brings more jobs to the area, as Emanuel hopes it will.

“I am about growing jobs in Chicago. I am about getting private employers to invest in our city and neighborhoods and Walgreens’ expansion is an example of that,” Emanuel explains.

For that reason, he intends to encourage Walgreens to expand its store locations in these neighborhoods, adding hundreds of jobs around the city in the process.

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