Quick Tuesday: Chicago real estate round-up

Magellan Development’s new 49-floor creation.

Groupon pulls real estate coupon in New York
While there may be a lot of good Chicago real estate deals out there, Groupon isn’t one of them, at least for one brokerage.

Just a month after Chicago brokerage firm, Dream Town Realty, successfully offered a deal on closing costs, NY-based Brokerage Bond wanted to do the same. If the deal had gone as planned, New York City Groupon subscribers would have received an email May 2, 2011, offering a $25 Groupon that would go towards $1,000 off closing costs.

Groupon unexpectedly pulled the deal, claiming legal reasons. Naturally Brokerage Bond isn’t happy, and they expect to be in talks with the Chicago-based Groupon soon.

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Image source: chicago.curbed.com

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