Museum of Science & Industry

Museum of Science And IndustryPerhaps it is the child in me, but I really enjoy going to the Museum of Science and Industry. Maybe it is the awesome surroundings of the University of Chicago that just seem so collegiate. Or perhaps it is the gigantic train set they have of an almost miniature of downtown Chicago as the train slowly leads out to the farms of the Midwest. I could stare at it for hours.

As a kid, I used to go to the old time theater where they still charged a dime to get into the theater. It was the first time I heard of this Charlie Chaplin guy. The magnificent old-time street leading into the theater on one end and the line of early 20th century cars on the other was just cool.

From the trips into space to a look back into the deep history of evolution, there is something for everyone, in my opinion. In the exhibit of the mind, they actually have a game where you compete against someone to move a coin by relaxing. The person who is able to relax their mind is the one who can move the coin furthest.

In terms of price, the great thing is that there are a number of free days throughout the year where Chicago residents do not have to pay. The downside is that these days generally fall on a weekday when people are working. However, with a little planning, your vacation days could be more exciting for the entire family.

The Museum of Science and Industry is a great place to go when you are looking to have a few hours of relaxation away from it all.

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