Meet Kipp Blackburn, Chicago CondoDomain’s Vice President

CondoDomain isn’t your average brokerage, and not just because it’s online. It caters to a new type of buyer, one that is savvy and informed, says Kipp Blackburn, City Vice President of Chicago CondoDomain.

Kipp Blackburn is the City Vice President of Chicago CondoDomain.

Blackburn has been with CondoDomain since last Fall, but he’s had a real estate license since 2003. Eight years ago, Blackburn says, the real estate industry was far different. The focus was all about listing properties. The old saying, according to Blackburn, was “list to exist.” This is no longer the case.

Brokers can no longer be the gatekeepers of info. Buyers want information, from the amenities to the home’s property taxes, Blackburn elaborates. After all, buyers want to make sure they’re getting fair value. “CondoDomain is so different in that we’re really all about providing as much information as we can to the consumer, to the buyer,” Blackburn says.

CondoDomain’s approach to how much listing information is provided isn’t the only thing that attracted Blackburn to the job. He has a passion for buyer representation and feels rewarded from educating and empowering people. He likes helping buyers make informed decisions, something that’s easily done by searching the detailed MLS listings on Chicago CondoDomain and working with Blackburn.

As an online brokerage, there are some things that are still traditional about CondoDomain. Blackburn still does showings. He still makes lots of phone calls and responds to queries about CondoDomain’s listings. The brokerage also still gets a portion of the commission.

But part of that commission actually goes back to the buyer, something that isn’t typical done in the real estate industry. When clients make a home purchase, they receive a cash rebate from CondoDomain, typically at least $2,000 to $3,000. That’s real money that can be used toward furniture or put into savings.

The online brokerage is unique in other ways too. For one, it’s like a virtual office, leading to reduced costs for both CondoDomain and the buyer. In this way, Blackburn sees CondoDomain as ahead of its time, because other facets of real estate are beginning to move online, too, such as the Website or

With CondoDomain all the listings come from other brokers and agents in the area who signed a cooperative agreement to post on the online brokerage.

The listings are plentiful on Chicago’s CondoDomain, including everything from new developments to modernized units in older buildings. Take a peek around the MLS and give Blackburn a call at 877-852-6636. He’ll be happy to assist you in finding your new home.

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