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There are so many fabulous things about the city of Chicago. It’s no surprise that people from around the country relocate to the Midwest Utopia each year, nearly half the state of Michigan has moved to the Windy City.  According to United Van lines in 2010, 42% of  the new families that were moved by the Van Line headed to Chicago. Of course, transients new to the market need places to stay when they venture off to fresh places. Chicago has tons of neighborhoods that would appeal to a variety of buyers. Whether your looking to purchase a luxury home or Condo real estate, there are lots of new developments that are sure to catch your attention.

If you prefer lavish estates and the lap of luxury; ‘The Gold Coast’ and ‘Old Town’ area is your place to be. Upscale shopping and legendary restaurants right near the magnificent mile, and exclusive condos located off South Lake Shore Drive. This poignant area has perfect views of North Avenue Beach and Navy Pier, but with high class living come high class costs.

Don’t fret if your not up for paying millions to be near the water, the beauty of Chicago is diversity. As well as diversity in your living choices. Edgewater is a fast developing area with affordable prices. A multi-cultural neighborhood located right near Loyola University and N. of Lake Shore Drive.

New Condo located in Edgewater.

A brand new condo development by the name of Clarivosta located at the corner of Broadway & Granville, prices range from $200,000-$275,000. Rates for financing go as low as 3.5%. The property includes spacious 5 bedroom condos with 2 & 3 baths. Edgewater Athletic club located in the Historic Sovereign hotel.  A convienient Aldi’s located rightt next door, and quant eateries right nearby. This new condo development is a block away from the Lake and near Edgewater Beach. If Lakeviews and friendly costs are what your looking for. Contact one of our Chicago Condo Real Estate Agents today for a viewing.

Edgewater Beach. Neighborhood of Clarivosta

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