Lake Bluff Estate Blows Visitors Away

Terlato Wines International (TWI) is one of the largest and most successful companies based in the suburbs surrounding Chicago. TWI’s headquarters also happen to be located in one of the loveliest, most historic homes in the Lake Bluff area, the Tangley Oaks Estate.

To learn a little more about Terlato Wines International and its Lake Bluff home, we sat down with the company’s founder and president, Tony Terlato. Tony had this to say about the iconic Tangley Oaks estate:

Q:When did you decide to purchase the estate at Tangley Oaks?

A: I purchased the estate in 1996.

Q:Why did you decide to purchase it?

A: I was reading the paper one day and I saw that the estate was for sale. Later that night, I happened to be having dinner with my son, John, and a friend of his that was a real estate agent, and I asked her if I could see Tangley Oaks.

I wasn’t necessarily interested in purchasing it—I just wanted to see it. But I ended up falling in love with it, and we decided to buy it and make it our corporate headquarters.

Q: Who owned it before you?

A: Originally, the estate was built by a Chicago businessman named Philp Armour III in 1916. Armour sold the estate in the 1950s or 60s, and a publishing company bought it from him.

Q: Do you often invite community members over to the estate?

A: Yes, we often invite wine makers, wine journalists, chefs, restaurateurs, and the owners of distributorships over to the estate. In the past, we’ve also held community-sponsored events at the estate.

Q: Do your employees enjoy working at Tangley Oaks?

A: Absolutely. They genuinely seem to like coming into work each morning. And it’s not hard to understand why. The architecture and the overall design of the building is beautiful.

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