Home Featured in the Fugitive on Sale in Chicago

Although fewer films are shot in Chicago than in the city’s coastal competitors, New York City and Los Angeles, some modern-day classics have been filmed and produced in the Chicago area. Among them is the 1993 Harrison Ford vehicle, The Fugitive. The Fugitive became a box office success shortly after its release, and it’s been seen by millions of people the world over. The Chicago area home featured in multiple scenes in the movie has also been seen by millions of people, and now, one lucky super fan can call that house his home, because, recently, the house featured in The Fugitive, has gone on sale.

According to the Press Room of the Huffington Post, the home went on the market last month:

“The lot on which it sits, 336 W. Wisconsin Avenue, is a stone’s throw from the Lincoln Park Zoo and was originally purchased from the city for $45,000 and developed by architect Ron Ysla in 1979. After he and his family completed the bottom two floors, they moved to Winnetka and sold the home to J. Roderick MacArthur. After MacArthur died in 1984, its current owner and occupant, Polish-born doctor Norbert Gleicher took it over. Gleicher reportedly met Ford and “The Fugitive” director Andrew Davis at a restaurant—and they hit it off to such an extent that some of the scenes from the film ended up being filmed there.”

The home, which is on the market for $3.95 million dollars, boasts many features, including an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, an elevator, a glass-floored catwalk, a three-car garage, a deck, and a spacious backyard.

Anyone interested in learning more about the home ought to check out a video tour of the home filmed for a recent episode of Open House. And anyone interested in learning more about additional luxury accommodations in the Chicago area ought to check out articles like this one on the CondoDomain blog!

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