H.H. Gregg Ready to Build 20 Stores in Chicago

H.H. Gregg Inc., the appliance and electronics super-store, intends to build and staff twenty stores in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, providing as many as 700 people with employment.

Big-box retail chains have been appearing throughout Chicago in recent years—due, no doubt, to increased retail activity—and it seems only natural that this Indiana-based corporation would want a piece of the action.

Jeff Pearson, a spokesperson for H.H. Gregg, released a statement about the development, saying that “Now is an exciting time to join the H.H. Gregg team in Chicago, and there are many exciting opportunities for motivated individuals looking to grow with our company. The new team members will play an important role in introducing customers to the superior H.H. Gregg shopping experience.”

It remains to be seen just how the addition of a number of big-box stores like H.H. Gregg will affect the real estate market in Chicago, but many city dwellers are happy to hear that a major company will be bring so many jobs to the Chicago and Chicago Land area.

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