Fringe Festival Preperations Underway in Pilsen

If you’re like most Chicagoans, you’re actually starting to get tired of stumbling across yet another summer festival this season. You’ve had enough of the loud music, the greasy food, and the crowded city streets.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the Fringe Festival, a theater festival unlike anything else you’ve seen in Chicago this year.

Silken Veils at the Chicago Fringe Festival

As stated in the “About” section of the Chicago Fringe Festival’s website  “The Chicago Fringe Festival (CFF) invites emerging and established performing artists from Chicago, the U.S. and beyond to showcase their work and add to the dialogue of theatrical art. The Festival also seeks to enhance the perception of Chicago as a major hub for theatre. CFF encourages performers to take bold risks by providing an avenue for affordable productions. It also seeks to bring in non-traditional theater-goers through a commitment to low ticket prices and outreach into communities not commonly represented. In this fashion, The Chicago Fringe Festival provides an avenue for diverse artists and audience members to connect in a singular and immediate way.”

The Fringe Festival isn’t about giant crowds or loud noises. It’s about theater, plain and simple, and it’s located in Pilsen, an artsy, up-and-coming neighborhood with plenty of great condos and single-family homes.

The festival promises to highlight some of Pilsen’s stunning architecture. It also promises to feature six of Pilsen’s finest performance spaces, including  the Doppler Stage, the Dream Theatre, Fringe Central, Human Thread, the Meridian Stage, and the Temple Gallery. These spaces boast beautiful architecture, and they help highlight some of the neighborhood’s character and charm.

The Fringe Festival will take place on September 1-11, and it will feature dozens of unique shows and performances, including  several new performances that will be premiering. Tickets for each show cost five dollars, and can be picked up in advance. Anyone interested in attending the festival ought to consider checking out a condo or two in the area during their visit.

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