Frank Lloyd Wright: Thomas Gale Home on the market

A variety of Frank Lloyd Wright homes have hit the market lately, but many are from the architect’s later years. Not so for the most recent addition to the listings. Wright’s Thomas Gale Home, otherwise known as a ‘Bootleg Home,’ at 1027 W. Chicago Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois is a part of Wright’s earlier days in the near-Chicago suburb.

The other differentating factor between this Frank Lloyd Wright home and the other five on the market throughout Chicagoland? It may still have Wright’s trademark octagonal spaces, but it has been recently renovated, unlike other Wright properties, by investors who have owned the property since 2004.

The Thomas Gale Home is referred to as a bootleg home, because Wright designed it even though he was forbidden to do outside work by his then employer Adler and Sullivan. Wright’s other moon-lighting gigs can be seen around Oak Park and the surrounding area, but this is the only one currently on the market.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Thomas Gale Home is currently listed at just over $1 million. Save thousands when you buy through us. Interested? Contact CondoDomain at 877-852-6636 today at to schedule a viewing and tour.

Photo: Zak Knebel

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