Fire Station to Fine Arts: Fire Work Community Art Studio

The city of Chicago has been looking to find a buyer for the historic Engine Company 18 Fire Station at 1123 W. Roosevelt Road in University Village. This station was built in 1873, only two years after the Chicago Fire, and is the oldest fire station in the city. The space has been sold to Jason Nowak and Jessica Beauchemin for $325,000 and will be converted into an art studio.

The pair plans to repair and renovate the two-story, two-bay fire station for $683,000. Some of their plans for the 7,400 square foot space include eco-friendly features like solar panels and a green roof. Nowak and Beauchemin plan to maintain some of the original charm of the building; the masonry exterior will be preserved and artwork will be hung on the firemen’s poles.

The Fire Work Community Art Studio will have kilns, glass ovens, and a full commercial kitchen, which means that this new space will be much more than just another gallery. Plans for art training and lessons on healthy eating habits for kids and teens are in the works, and there will be separate studio spaces for adults to hone their craft. If you’re interested in homes in the Near West Side community where this studio is located, contact us today!

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