East Coast, West Coast, Third Coast: An Interview with Someone Who’s Seen it All

Some Americans settle down easily—They find a city that they love and they stick with it. Others seem to have a bit of wanderlust—They move from place to place often.

Today we interviewed Carla Jackson, a woman who has been privileged to lived in three of the United State’s most prominent cities New York City, San Francisco, and Houston prior to her moving to Chicago. We asked Carla to tell us a bit about how each of these major American cities stacked up to the Windy City.

You grew up in San Francisco, didn’t you?

That’s right. I spent the first 18 years of my life living in San Francisco. It was beautiful, and I could really see myself moving there again at some point in the future, but it’s an incredibly expensive city, and I’m not quite ready to leave Chicago yet.

Why did you decide to leave San Francisco?

I decided to attend New York University, so I moved there for college.

Rent in New York most have been expensive too…

It definitely was. My rent was subsidized because I was a student, but I shudder to think what it would have been like if I’d been paying full price.

How did you end up in Houston?

I moved there for a job, and I stayed for four years because of it. I never really fell in love with the city, though, and I was happy to move to Chicago for another job a few years ago.

And now you’re in Chicago! How does it compare to the other cities?

It compares really well, actually. I certainly miss certain aspects of the east and west coasts—I miss the ocean and the mountains, for instance. But I’ve really been enjoying my time in Chicago. I love the people, I love the city, and I really love how affordable everything is. I’ve gotten a bit spoiled actually.

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