East Coast, West Coast, Third Coast: An Interview with Someone Who’s Seen it All

Some Americans settle down easily—They find a city that they love and they stick with it. Others seem to have a bit of wanderlust—They move from place to place often.
Today we interviewed Hanna Perry, a working woman who lived in New York, New York and Portland, Oregon before settling in Chicago last year. We asked Hanna to tell us a bit about how these major metropolises on the coast stacked up to the Windy City.

You grew up in Massachusetts, didn’t you?

Yes, I grew up in western Massachusetts, in the Berkshires. The Berkshires are actually much closer to New York State than they are to Boston.

Why did you decide to leave Massachusetts?

I was 18, and I wanted to experience something new, so I chose to apply to colleges exclusively in New York. I was accepted at Bard College, in upstate New York, and I moved to New York City when I graduated.

Rent in New York most have been expensive…

Oh yes! I lived in Brooklyn, rather than Manhattan, but the rent was still pretty steep.

How did you end up in L.A.?

I was offered a dream job at a non-profit organization in L.A. I wasn’t thrilled about moving away from all of my friends, but I wanted the job, so off to L.A. I went!

And now you’re in Chicago! How does it compare to the other cities?

I absolutely love Chicago. The homes here are more affordable, which I appreciate, but more than that, the overall atmosphere in this city seems more welcoming and laid back than the atmosphere in other cities I’ve lived in. I really enjoy it, and I hope I won’t be moving away from here any time soon!

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