DPAM Debuts New Location in Lincoln Park, Attracts Interested Home Owners

For years students and art lovers interested in checking out the DePaul Art Museum (DPAM) collection were forced to suffer the low ceilings and small, cramped rooms of the Richardson Library’s exhibition space in the Loop.

Last month, however, DPAM moved its collection to a new, improved location at 935 W. Fullerton Avenue. The new exhibition space features high ceilings, filtered light and nearly twice as much square footage as the Richardson Library.

A shot of the DePaul campus

“I imagine that I’ll be coming far more often,” Logan Square resident Andy Bolduc said when asked about the museum’s new home. “It’s only a short bus ride away from my apartment, and it’s literally steps away from the Fullerton Red Line stop. Its location is unbeatable, and its collection is better than ever.”

But Bolduc isn’t the only one who intends to start visiting DPAM and its Lincoln Park neighborhood more often. Other arty types have been moving to Lincoln Park in greater and greater numbers in recent years, and there’s no doubt that more of them will be moving in, now that another art museum has been added to the neighborhood.

Houses and condos have been selling particularly well in busy, artistically inclined areas of the neighborhood, like the intersection of Lincoln Avenue, Fullerton Avenue, and Halstead Street, where classy condos and stately single-family homes tend to cluster in the greatest numbers.

Listings like this one, found on the CondoDomain blog, have been selling like hotcakes lately, and real estate experts expect them to continue to do well as long as Lincoln Park maintains its charming, arty, intellectual character.

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