Downtown Chicago Destroyed in Transformers Sequel

Those of you who haven’t seen Transformers: Dark of the Moon may not know that our fair city was recently the site of a Robot Apocalypse of pretty epic proportions.

In this latest installment of director Michael Bay’s Transformers saga, the evil Decepticons duke it out with the not-so-evil Autobots, and Chicago is torn apart in the process.

The robots seem to favor the busy boulevards of the Loop and the Near North, and they can be found stomping around Wacker Drive, Michigan Avenue, The Financial District, and Streeterville for most of the movie. They rarely seem to venture further afield than downtown Chicago, where the Windy City’s skyscrapers and elevated subway lines provide excellent fodder for high-budget destruction.

In the span of a two hour period, the robots manage to wreak havoc on real estate heavy hitters like the Aon Center and the Amoco Building. Several coffee shops and corner stores are also burned to the ground in the climactic battle scene, and many of the city’s swankiest hotels are blown to bits.

The Willis Tower was, however, left curiously unharmed, and large swathes of River North seemed to be unaffected by the wonton destruction.

So, how might this imagined Robot Apocalypse have affected the Chicago real estate market?

Experts estimate that, if the Transformers had, indeed, managed to bring this many buildings to the ground, Chicago would have lost roughly 30% of its real estate market. And the Loop as we know it would have become nearly unrecognizable.

Fortunately, Michael Bay’s CGI skills and big-budget special effects left the Chicago skyline as beautiful as ever.

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