Don’t Flip Out: House Flipping Trendy in Chicago

With few job prospects available to them, many people have begun to pursue more and more unusual career paths to make ends meet. One Illinois woman has actually taken to “flipping” houses for a living.

Cynthia Block, of Knoxville, Illinois, has created a career for herself buying up old homes, remodeling them, and selling them at a profit.

According to a reporter for the CarmiTimes, “Despite having a master’s degree in business administration from Regis University in Denver, Cynthia Block returned to the area two years ago from Cincinnati and found a tight job market which, for her, included no job opportunities. She decided to turn what she did as a hobby for friends in the Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area into a career.”

“Block, the daughter of former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture John ‘Jack’ Block, began flipping houses—buying houses at a low price, having them remodeled and selling them for a profit. Block decided to add a twist, developing designer houses using her own concepts. It was the design work that she did previously as a hobby.”

Block isn’t the only one to make a living this way, though. House flipping has become increasingly common, particularly in large cities like Chicago, where many older homes can be bought at a reduced price.

The house flippers who buy up houses in up-and-coming Chicago neighborhoods, like Pilsen and Logan Square, are often able to make quite a lot of money on each piece of property they purchase. And although the people who buy the homes they have flipped pay for these improvements, they often pay less than they would for a new construction. In this sense, the situation is win-win for both parties!

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