Competitive on and Off Court: A Former Basketball Player Dominates Chicago’s Real Estate Scene

Walt Frazier III, the son of the former Knicks champion Walt “Clyde” Frazier and a one-time Ivy League point guard, has been making a name for himself off the basketball court.

Frazier has bought and sold nearly a dozen properties in the Chicago metro area in recent years, and he is quickly becoming something of a real estate super star.

He began investing in real estate in 1995—when he bought a two-unit residential building on the South Shore—and since then he has purchased many properties in and around the city. He seems to be particularly fond of lake front property, and he has purchased several residential units along the coast of Lake Michigan.

In 2006 Frazier decided to take his passion for real estate to the next level, by registering as a real estate broker at Keller Williams. He has worked for the company off and on ever since.

Frazier is currently in the midst of creating a brokerage firm of his own, one that would specialize in selling homes to retired athletes and sports professionals. And—if he is as successful in this venture as he has been in the rest of his real estate ventures—it should be a slam dunk.

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