Chicago Home Sale Data (Price it Right!)

Here is a quick screen shot on the comparison of the average selling price (percentage) and the amount of time it took to sell – when the home was priced right vs. when it was not priced right.

Chicago Homes with NO price changes:

Chicago Homes with AT LEASE ONE PRICE change:

I think here we will let the data speak for itself but to have your home on the market for an additional 4 months (while reducing your OLP as you go) …. well lets just say that I don’t think it was anybody s plan when they launched their listing with their Chicago real estate agent!

As you know CondoDomain has just opened in the Chicago condo market and we are excited to bring you “CHOICE”.  Our data-driven real estate model not only helps us accurately price your home correctly, but will also save you a ton of cash!  Check out our listing packages and ask us how we can save you thousands with our cash back commission refund business model!

* OLP stand for “Original Listing Price”

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