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Chicago’s Architectural Triumphs: Tribune Tower

Chicago is certainly a city of beautiful buildings. Steely skyscrapers dominate the skyline of the Loop. Elegant apartment buildings are scattered throughout neighborhoods like Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast. Edgy, arty lofts can be found in neighborhoods like Bucktown and Wicker Park. And many of Chicago’s museums and administrative buildings double as awe inspiring works of architecture.
There is so much great architecture in Chicago that it can sometimes be hard to appreciate all of the architectural beauty of the buildings in Chicago.
For that reason, we’ve decided to feature a …

Don’t Flip Out: House Flipping Trendy in Chicago

With few job prospects available to them, many people have begun to pursue more and more unusual career paths to make ends meet. One Illinois woman has actually taken to “flipping” houses for a living.

Cynthia Block, of Knoxville, Illinois, has created a career for herself buying up old homes, remodeling them, and selling them at a profit.
According to a reporter for the CarmiTimes, “Despite having a master’s degree in business administration from Regis University in Denver, Cynthia Block returned to the area two years ago from Cincinnati and found a …

Lake Bluff Estate Blows Visitors Away

Terlato Wines International (TWI) is one of the largest and most successful companies based in the suburbs surrounding Chicago. TWI’s headquarters also happen to be located in one of the loveliest, most historic homes in the Lake Bluff area, the Tangley Oaks Estate.
To learn a little more about Terlato Wines International and its Lake Bluff home, we sat down with the company’s founder and president, Tony Terlato. Tony had this to say about the iconic Tangley Oaks estate:
Q:When did you decide to purchase the estate at Tangley Oaks?
A: I purchased …

Chicago in August: A Charming City, a Memorable Month

Beautiful Oak Street Beach

Vogue travel writer Richard Alleman made Chicago his “destination of the month” in August. According to Alleman, Chicago boasts some of the best food in America:
He writes “Chicago has given the country some of our greatest chefs: Charlie Trotter, Graham Elliot, Rick Bayless, and Grant Achatz, all of whom are constantly reinventing their cuisine and opening new restaurants in their home city. Achatz, for example, whose Alinea in smart Lincoln Park has been called the best restaurant in America, has just launched Next at 953 West Fulton Market, in the meatpacking …

Home Featured in the Fugitive on Sale in Chicago

Although fewer films are shot in Chicago than in the city’s coastal competitors, New York City and Los Angeles, some modern-day classics have been filmed and produced in the Chicago area. Among them is the 1993 Harrison Ford vehicle, The Fugitive. The Fugitive became a box office success shortly after its release, and it’s been seen by millions of people the world over. The Chicago area home featured in multiple scenes in the movie has also been seen by millions of people, and now, one lucky super fan can call …

The Neighborhood Files: Lincoln Park

Chicago is, perhaps more than most cities, a city of neighborhoods. From the broad boulevards of Lincoln Park to the arty avenues of Pilsen, each and every neighborhood in this city possesses its own distinct energy and unique charm. And each neighborhood is worth learning a little more about. So, every other week, we’ll be featuring another neighborhood on this section of the blog, and we’ll interview someone living in that neighborhood—Someone capable of giving us the inside scoop on their ‘hood!
This week CondoDomain sat down with Jenny Gelda and …

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