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DPAM Debuts New Location in Lincoln Park, Attracts Interested Home Owners

A shot of the DePaul campus

For years students and art lovers interested in checking out the DePaul Art Museum (DPAM) collection were forced to suffer the low ceilings and small, cramped rooms of the Richardson Library’s exhibition space in the Loop.
Last month, however, DPAM moved its collection to a new, improved location at 935 W. Fullerton Avenue. The new exhibition space features high ceilings, filtered light and nearly twice as much square footage as the Richardson Library.

“I imagine that I’ll be coming far more often,” Logan Square resident Andy Bolduc said when asked about …

Who Will be the next Chicago Housing Authority Chief?


According to The Chicago Tribune, “Mayor Rahm Emanuel is down to two candidates for the top post at the Chicago Housing Authority, a job whose chief concern will be dealing with a stubbornly anemic real estate market that has hampered efforts to create vibrant mixed-income developments where crime-ridden high-rises once stood.”
“Those developments are the linchpin in the CHA’s $1.6 billion Plan for Transformation, launched in 1999 and now expected to be completed by 2015, five years past the original target date.”

Earlier this year, the former Chicago Housing Authority, Chief Lewis …

Stock Market Slump Affects Real Estate Prices

Homes for Sale in Chicago

In spite of a small gain earlier this week, the stock market is still suffering, and many real estate experts are beginning to wonder whether or not this economic downturn will make the real estate market worse. Among them is the real estate reporter A.D Pruitt.
According to Pruitt “Commercial real estate could be losing its appeal as a safe-haven investment given the market turmoil and constrained bank financing.” Pruitt believes that “The stock market performance of real estate investment trusts, while still healthy, is down from a two-year hot streak.”

And …

Don’t Flip Out: House Flipping Trendy in Chicago

With few job prospects available to them, many people have begun to pursue more and more unusual career paths to make ends meet. One Illinois woman has actually taken to “flipping” houses for a living.

Cynthia Block, of Knoxville, Illinois, has created a career for herself buying up old homes, remodeling them, and selling them at a profit.
According to a reporter for the CarmiTimes, “Despite having a master’s degree in business administration from Regis University in Denver, Cynthia Block returned to the area two years ago from Cincinnati and found a …

Buying a Condo May Be Less Expensive then Renting On-Campus Housing

Do you remember your first college dorm room? Did you live in a cramped crawl space on campus with one, two, or even three other students? Did you learn to sleep through loud music and lots of noise on a nightly basis?
Or, did you sleep soundly in a condo of your very own?

If you’re like most of us, you probably slept on campus, in a dorm, during your first year of college. But nowadays, as the real estate market in Chicago continues to remain depressed, more and more parents are …

To Buy or Not to Buy, That is the Question

Les Christie, a writer for CNNMoney, reports that “Home prices have taken such a beating and demand for rental units has increased so much that it’s now cheaper to buy a two-bedroom home than to rent one in most major U.S. cities.
“According to real estate website Trulia, buying was cheaper than renting in 74% of the country’s 50 largest cities in July. In just 12% of the cities, including New York, Seattle and San Francisco, renting was cheaper. In the remaining 14% of cities, renting was less expensive but close …

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