A Chicago Neighborhood Fit For King James


If NBA superstar LeBron James signs with the Chicago Bulls when NBA free agency begins, he’s going to need a place to live, at least during the season. Here’s our top five choices for the King, should he sign here.

1. River North

This part of town is a top destination for the young and the rich. It offers more nightlife than the nearby Gold Coast, and it’s proximity to downtown is appealing. So, too, is its accessibility to the Kennedy Expressway, a necessity for athletes who need to get to the airport.

2. Gold Coast

If LeBron wants a quieter existence without straying too far from the night clubs, then the Gold Coast should fit the bill nicely. There’s plenty of high-end property here, and LeBron might appreciate an old-school mansion.

3. Lincoln Park

LeBron is only in his mid-20’s, which puts him the perfect age range for the neighborhood and its collection of college and sports bars. There is plenty of pricey real estate here, as well. The only problem? The area isn’t far from the United Center, but it’s not close to it either.

4. West Loop

If LeBron wants to be near the place he’ll call his office 41 nights a year, than the rapidly growing West Loop is perfect for him. He’ll find plenty of great condos here, and he’ll be close to the court.

5. North Shore

The Bull’s practice facility is in Deerfield, so Mr. James might just want to plunk down his money on a place on the North Shore, perhaps in Deerfield itself or nearby Highland Park. This might be the most logical choice, although the appeal of the city may lure James to buy in one of the four previously listed areas.

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