Chicago in August: A Charming City, a Memorable Month

Vogue travel writer Richard Alleman made Chicago his “destination of the month” in August. According to Alleman, Chicago boasts some of the best food in America:

He writes “Chicago has given the country some of our greatest chefs: Charlie Trotter, Graham Elliot, Rick Bayless, and Grant Achatz, all of whom are constantly reinventing their cuisine and opening new restaurants in their home city. Achatz, for example, whose Alinea in smart Lincoln Park has been called the best restaurant in America, has just launched Next at 953 West Fulton Market, in the meatpacking district.”

Alleman also found the city noteworthy for its stellar summer festivals and its scenic beaches:Beautiful Oak Street Beach “On a muggy summer’s day, Chicago has the sultry feel of a big beach town. Sporting an ocean-size lakefront, the city has numerous pristine stretches of white sands. Not quite Rio, the most popular of these urban beaches is Oak Street Beach, which is a two-minute walk under a tunnel from Cartier on the posh Magnificent Mile. If you don’t want to swim or sunbathe, soak up the scene with a drink or snack under an umbrella at the adjacent café.”

Alleman also took note of slightly less touristy destinations in the city. He was also impressed, for instance, by Chicago’s architecture and its neighborhood charm. In particular, he seemed to appreciate the construction of many new hotels in downtown Chicago, including the Hotel Palomar, a luxury hotel which may drive more tourists to Chicago. And he was equally delighted by the many Frank Lloyd Wright homes scattered throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs—more than a few of which are for sale.

Alleman was also captivated by the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Hyde Park and Logan Square. Both neighborhoods feature many charming condos and single-family homes.

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